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Christmas Gifting

Are you one of those people who is already counting down until Christmas? Or are you more the type who avoids any mention of the C-word until December is well underway?   Even if you’re in the second camp and not a fan of preparing early for the festivities, when it comes to corporate Christmas gifting, you need to tune into it soon.   One of the most common mistakes people make with Christmas corporate gift orders is not leaving enough time. You need to factor in ordering your items, artwork approval times if you’ve opted for branded goods, delivery lead times, and delivery from your end to your customer.   Ideally, you want the items to arrive with your customer in mid-December, so they need to be with you in early December. Depending on the promotional item’s lead time, you need to get your orders in quickly.   What Christmas gifts should you go for?   With over 20 years of experience in corporate gifting and promotional items, we know what your clients would like to receive. Here are our top tips for corporate gifts that hit the mark and that you still have time to order in time for December.   1)    Advent Calendars There is still enough time to get an order for your branded Advent Calendar – but only just, so be quick! These are a brilliant way to keep your brand front of mind throughout December, and who doesn’t love opening the door every morning? Chocolate or sweets for breakfast is allowed in December!   2)    Prestige Presents – for your best (or favourite!) customers and those you want to push the boat out for, why not look at high-end gifts? Prestige corporate gifts could include executive pen sets, crystal paperweights, golf umbrellas, soft touch quality notebooks like Moleskine, or wireless phone chargers. Spending a little extra can create a lot of goodwill.   3)    Family Gifts – a thoughtful corporate Christmas gift that considers the recipient's family is always welcome. Receiving a gift that can be taken home and shared with children, a significant other, or even the family pet is always well-received. You could go for picnic bags, money boxes, games, dog treats or bandanas.   4)    Stockings and Christmas Decorations – why not keep it seasonal and go for a Christmas-themed item? You can opt for branded or unbranded, classic or quirky. There are myriad options, from baubles to stockings and even adorable cuddly reindeer.   5)    Festive or novelty squishy – we defy anyone to resist a squishy. These are the tactile stress-busting squeezy objects that many people keep on their desks. Your brand is front of mind; they’re a brilliant stocking filler, and who wouldn’t want a squishy Santa or snowman? If you can’t see the shape you want on our website, then let us know – you’d be surprised what we can find!     6)    Games – keep your customers entertained over the festive period with game-based gifts. Again, these are great to enjoy with the family, whether it’s a pack of cards, dominoes, frisbees, flying discs, or even fidget toys.   7)    Christmas Puddings – yes, you can indeed order Christmas Puddings as corporate gifts. Why not save your customer the trouble of choosing to splash out on a luxe Christmas pudding or opt for a supermarket special? Choose a luxury Christmas pud they can enjoy on the big day (remember to be mindful of food allergies, which are always outlined on the packaging).   8)    A Festive Tipple – always a winner over Christmas is a festive tipple. You can opt for wine as a firm favourite. These are available in branded gift bags or boxes for that extra touch of class. Or you could be a little more extravagant and choose port, whisky or even gin! With many craft gin distilleries around, talk to us about your options for festive beverage gifts.   9)    Hampers – Is Christmas really Christmas without a hamper? One of the best things about Hampers is diving in and discovering all the treats inside. They never fail to surprise and delight customers, and they are always well received at this time of year.   10) Winter gifts – if you would rather opt for a seasonal gift over something Christmassy, particularly if you have multi-faith customers, why not go for a winter-themed gift? Gloves, bobble or beanie hats, fleeces, blankets, flasks and thermal travel cups are perfect corporate gifts for this time of year.   We’ve got a vast range of corporate gifts ideal for winter and Christmas. You’ll need to place your order soon, ready for Christmas delivery. We can advise you of lead times when you enquire; contact one of the Acrobat team today. Read More

Happy Browsing

Despite the rise of the digital age, we still prefer to hold a physical book. Yes, you can fit a million books on a kindle, but when it comes to paper, pixels don’t compare. That’s why we have continued with our comprehensive catalogue of best-selling and key products.  If you look carefully, you might spot our new friend.   We are excited to announce Acrobat’s new Excellent Executive Deal Finder, Bailey the Bat. However, his friends call him Batty Bailey.   As Acrobat’s mascot, he has the important job of highlighting the latest cool products and discounts. He is never far from a deal. Promote with personality   You will find plenty of new additions throughout our catalogue. As expected, there has been a massive influx within our drinkware section. We are now carrying extra lines and colours.     We have all felt the financial pressure from the rising cost of materials. That is why we have replaced our popular Tritan Sports Bottles with PET alternatives. Not only are they more cost-effective, but they are also easily recycled and better for the environment.   Let us take you on a journey of products waiting for your brand. Our catalogue comes with a FREE set of colouring pencils and a postcard this year. Inspired by our chosen charity, Mind, we are encouraging a year of mindfulness. Take some time out of your day to do some mindful colouring. Or pass it to your children to keep them occupied for 10 minutes. Both are acceptable mindful practices.   Mindfulness is an excellent way to wind down and release the tensions of the day. This is the time to focus on you.   This year at Acrobat, we have taken inspiration from Mind’s mindful exercises. Colouring is an easy exercise to bring your awareness into the present moment. It is easy to get bogged down in meetings and timeline stress. Do you hunch your back after a long day at the office? Trouble sleeping? Try taking some time to slow down and process things to bring you back into the present moment.   Colouring isn’t for you?   If colouring isn’t your cup of tea, why not share your catalogue with your children? The pandemic showed us that mental health doesn’t just affect adults. We would love to get your children involved in our year of mindfulness.   We have hidden Bailey on the cover of our catalogue for you (or your children) to find.  Bailey can fit into the tightest crevice; can they find all his hiding spots?     What is Mind?   Mind is a nationwide charity that believes no one should face mental health issues alone. They provide high-quality mental health services through their regional hubs.   Over the past two years, during the pandemic, the mental health services in this country have been pushed beyond their limits. We have all heard of the huge waiting lists filled with people desperately reaching out for help to combat greater loneliness and increased vulnerability. Mind provides our local communities with high-quality support through these difficult times.   Beyond the pandemic, whilst we have been helping each other back to normality, Mind has been essential to the mental health services offered. They have developed four support pillars to aid their ambitious growth. These pillars include an easy-to-use app with 24/7 access to well-being resources.   Ready for a year of good mental health? [H4]   We are ready to bring new ideas to de-stressing. Check out p110 to p123 in our latest brochure for our wide range of stress balls, colourful squisheys, and fidget toys. Not only do they evade stress, but they can also improve concentration. There are dozens of mental health-based products available for your branding, from hampers to personal care products and more. Order your Catalogue and get your hands on the best products to support your clients and increase your brand awareness.   Contact us on @info@acrobatpromotions.com to gain access to a world of promoting with personality.  Read More