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Best Promotional Eco Products

It will not have escaped anyone’s attention that there is an increasing concern for the well-being of our planet. Rising global temperatures, increased flooding, and more extreme weather are constantly in the news.   In the past couple of years, you might have noticed a change in customers' shopping patterns. It is becoming clear that customers are looking towards brands and businesses to be proactive towards climate change. But what does this really mean?   Customers are looking for brands that show how they are tackling their environmental impact. Brands who make responsible choices (like supplying and purchasing branded eco-friendly promotional products) are showing they are interested in the well-being of the planet and the sustainability of their business practices.   At Acrobat, we are increasingly being asked for recommendations for environmentally friendly promotional products. There has been a noticeable shift over recent years. So why not check out our list of the top-selling eco products?    1)    Eco bamboo pen   Pens are our best sellers. They are always useful and always in high demand. Instead of plastic pens, we recommend our best-selling eco bamboo pen.   Bamboo is a very popular material for eco products. This is because bamboo is essentially an invasive grass species. It grows very fast and is flexible and strong. It’s perfect for making pens.   2)    PLA coffee cup This coffee cup is an attractive alternative to traditional takeaway cups. Stylish and practical for every coffee run, it is manufactured from PLA. Polylactic acid (PLA) is derived from renewable organic sources such as corn starch or sugar cane. This material is bio-degradable, making this promotional cup the perfect eco-friendly coffee cup. Plus, of course, it’s a multi-use item, so it has longevity for your brand.   3)    Glass drinking bottle This glass drinking bottle looks the part. In promotional product terms, it’s aesthetically pleasing and is more in the premium range rather than the budget or disposable end of the spectrum. Described as the new essential, eco-friendly water bottles are the ultimate representation of aspirational health. Drinking or water bottles offer customers a way to save money and reduce their plastic usage and the BPD chemicals associated with other products.   Glass is an infinitely recyclable material. This means it can be recycled forever without the material's fibres breaking down. Glass also doesn’t emit or leak chemicals whilst it bio-degrades.     4)    Bamboo 3W wireless speaker Made out of bamboo, this speaker has four hours of playing time off a single charge. This speaker is ready for any party… or simply playing the radio whilst you work. Small and portable technology promotional items make brilliant gifts. Giving a technology gift has a big wow factor, and this wireless speaker is a great way to impress your clients.     5)    Wheat fibre poo bag holder In 2022 there was an estimated 10.2 million pet dogs in the UK. That’s an estimated 27% of the adult population having a dog. Whether your brand is pet related or not, you can guarantee that plenty of your clients will have a dog. Made from wheat fibre, these poo bag holders are BPA-free and 100% compostable. Wheat fibre is made from the by-product of wheat production, straw. The artificial polymer it’s made from is completely natural. So you can help your clients be responsible dog owners in true, green style.   6)    Beanie   Keeping warm is essential as we are still in the grips of winter. Beanies are a classic style of promotional hat. There is no better way to create an effortless look and still feel comfortable than a beanie. The impact collection is made with AWAREÔ tracer. AWAREÔ uses sustainable fabric materials that use less water to make. This beanie is also made from PolylanaÒ yarn. A mixture of virgin and recycled materials creates this innovative fibre with a similar feeling to wool. This is the ultimate eco beanie.     7)    Umbrella As we live in the UK, there is always a chance of rain. Umbrellas have always been an underrated popular product choice for your branded promotional items. Upgrade your traditional virgin plastic umbrella for a sustainable umbrella made from recycled plastic and bamboo. Brighten up any rainy day for your clients with a branded umbrella.     Have you considered your promotional products when it comes to your environmental policy? Contact us for advice and a quote today.   Read More

Top promotional clothing picks for 2023

You may have heard that custom promotional clothing is a powerful marketing tool, but what does that mean? More importantly, how can it help you? Promotional clothes (or apparel to use the ‘proper’ term!) have been used as part of traditional marketing techniques for years. There is a reason why this technique has stood the test of time. Promotional items have a long, successful history of attracting audiences to engage with businesses.   Investing in custom-branded clothing can offer businesses a wide range of benefits. Use our tips to get to grips with this much-loved marketing trick. Learn how to increase your brand's presence, promote team spirit, and build customer trust. All without blowing your budget.   Whether it’s uniform or workwear, or branded clothes that carry your logo, each item fulfils a specific purpose associated with promoting your brand to your target market. Custom promotional merchandise is an excellent opportunity for businesses that want to make a big impact on a limited budget.   Still not convinced? Check out our list of benefits and how to implement them into your 2023 marketing strategy.   1)    Increase your brand’s presence First things first… stop thinking of promotional items as ‘freebies’. Whether it is a t-shirt or a baseball cap. Each item is now your walking billboard or business card.   Think about it, what are you likely to do when gifted a business card? Hide it in an office drawer (if it’s lucky). Realistically it’s very likely to end up in the bin (hopefully the recycling bin at the very least). Instead, offer items you know your customers will use, like a t-shirt, hoodie or fleece…   An excellent example of gifting custom promotional appeal is MyProtein. which ran a very successful campaign. Every order over a certain price would receive a free workout vest. Encouraging customers to spend a little extra to receive a vest worked very well. Now when you walk into a gym, there is always someone wearing their instantly recognisable logoed clothes. From the success of their free apparel campaign the protein powder business has built a small clothing empire.   .   2)    New marketing opportunity Promotional clothes create a distinct and lasting impression of a brand. Apparel is a brilliant way to increase brand recognition, regardless of whether it is a gift or staff uniform.   Aside from selling your brand's product or services, staff members can also become a walking, talking advert for your business.   For customer-facing staff, introducing corporate custom branding clothing lends comfort and a heightened experience for customers. Customers can identify whom to approach. Staff look confident, on brand and informed about their product/service. It helps create a team culture and builds customer trust.   Our best advice is to work with your team on what items they would like and to be inclusive in your approach. Avoid being gender biased, for example, stipulating that women wear skirts. Getting your team on board is a fantastic way to get everyone embracing your new branded workwear.   One of the best examples of branded workplace promotional apparel is Apple. Apple is famous for its immediately recognisable blue uniforms. The uniform is now associated with knowledge and great customer service. In 2014 they expanded their uniforms to solidify their branding identity with customers whilst allowing staff to pick a uniform closer to their own style. .   1)    Cost Effective [H3] Traditional marketing techniques can often take either a lot of time, money or resources or all three. Although other techniques like traditional advertising might get you in front of a wider audience there is no guarantee that these will be an appropriate audience for you. Often these techniques require a large budget, have a long lead time and require multiple steps before you see results.     Custom promotional products, including branded clothes, are the perfect lower-investment marketing technique that can be as equally effective, even on a limited budget. Branded merchandise marketing focuses on smaller groups of quality customers through long-term exposure to branding.   Unlike other traditional marketing, customer-branded apparel has no set expiration date. Get your brand the maximum exposure by choosing custom items relevant to your business and brand.   Interested in promotional clothing for your brand? Let talk   Read More

Top Winter Worthy Promotional Gifts

As the temperature drops, we are all feeling the effects of winter. Who isn’t reaching for extra layers at the moment?!   As we prepare for 2023 and another couple of winter months, can we suggest a practical seasonal approach to your upcoming branded promotional products? Thermal drinkware Winter accessories Branding clothes   Thermal drinkware   The perfect solution to keeping your drinks toasty and warm on the go. Custom-branded travel mugs are a fantastic merchandise option and a winter favourite. Used daily, they are a wonderful long-lasting, practical gift.   Did you know that in the UK, we use 7 million disposable cups daily? What a waste! No wonder thermal drinkware has become so popular. Coming in multiple sizes, styles, colours and print options, there is a promotional travel mug to fit your needs and budget.   Everyone’s favourite The Americano Primo 250ml Tumbler is 100% recyclable, made in the UK, BPA free and packaged in home compostable bags. This tumbler is perfect for quick coffee runs on the go. Available in 30 different colours and with a fully customisable grip, the Americano tumbler is our top seller!   Best in show It is easy to understand why the XD Collection Easy Lock Vacuum Mug is a firm favourite. This mug can keep your drinks warm for 5 hours or cool for up to 15 hours. The uniquely designed lid easily locks to avoid any risk of leaks and spills. To top it all off, XD Collection has designed this mug to allow you to drink conveniently and safely with one hand! P.S. it is also dishwasher safe and fits a standard car drinks holder. It is no surprise why this is so popular. Those in the know, know…   Keeping it green 2022 has been a year of many changes. If you are looking for an eco-option, we would recommend the NATUREL. Thermos Bottle. A beautifully made Bamboo and Stainless Steel thermal bottle with a double vacuum bay and tea infuser. Supplied in a sturdy gift box. This is a fantastic, thoughtful gift for eco-conscious businesses and customers.     Winter Accessories   Keep your colleagues and customers wrapped up warm with our range of winter accessories: hats, scarves and gloves. Whether you’re looking to showcase your logo, branding, colour scheme or branding message this winter, do it whilst keeping warm.   Safety first Are you looking to stand out or light up the sky? We recommend the Acrylic Hat with COB Light. Keep your hands free, and the path ahead illuminated with this beanie’s built-in LED light. Although it might seem a bit novelty, this hat has proven to be a popular product.   Tried and tested Whether you are into fashion, sporting events or are just trying to keep warm; these are the perfect winter accessories to customise to your brand. The material used to make the gloves has been treated to stop bacteria from surviving on the fabric, preventing transfer. Perfect for keeping those winter bugs away!  Keep warm, protect against germs and still be able to use your smartphone. What more could you need?   Wrap up warm Elevate your style, keep toasty and help the planet. Sounds too good to be true… or very expensive. Neither! Keep cosy on a budget with the XD Collection’s Impact AWARE Polylana  Knitted Scarf. Made from a Polylana® mix, this scarf has a lower carbon impact than 100% acrylic fibre scarves but uses less energy and water to produce. Each AWARE scarf saves 13.3 litres of water. Plus, 2% of the proceeds for each Impact product sold will be donated to Water.org.     Branded Clothing   With the sun only showing itself for a short time in the winter, it's time to start utilising ‘sweater weather’ to promote your organisation. Promotional apparel is a powerful marketing tool. So, however you want to promote your brand, we recommend the right thermal and/or hi-vis clothing that will stand out in these dark months.   Provide essential warmth to your colleagues, customers and clients with these perfect warming gifts as your marketing tool.   Easy gripper The Fairview men’s and women’s Light Weight Bodywarmer is the perfect extra layer. The downproof pressed fabric hides an inner storm flap with a chin guard and elastic binding that will keep any storm at bay. Fitted with an easy-grip zipper and a tagless label for ultimate comfort. Available in six colours with a customisable front panel. Promote your brand come sunshine and rain.   Parker Coat Need a step up in warmth and protection? We recommend the Hardy men’s and women’s insulated parker. Each coat comprises 5000 g/m2 breathable and 8000 mm waterproof fabric with a detachable hood. They are fitted with front, chest and inner pockets with adjustable cuffs. This is the ultimate Parker for the cold wintery weather. Your colleagues and clients will be thanking you for their new favourite winter coat.   For all your branded winter products, let's chat. Read More

4 Awesome Tips To Prepare for Your 2023 Exhibitions and Events

It might feel too early to talk about 2023. [Shudder] We’re still in denial that Christmas is approaching. However, it will come around fast.   2023 means the start of a new calendar of exhibitions, tradeshows, and events. If you are heading to one of these shows, you’re probably after one thing… leads.   Attending events regularly makes it easy to get into the same dull routine. Do you find you pack the same kit with the same layout and predictable sales pitch every year?   Think about it this way; you wouldn’t treat every lead the same. You wouldn’t send your prospects the same email or have the same phone call. So why would you do the same with your event space?   To help you attract the right clients, we have created a list of our top tips and tricks to get you show-ready.   1)    Have a plan for your table/space   Once you have chosen your event space size and location, you must create a plan. This is your opportunity to create an immersive brand experience for your clients. You can create your own microclimate that catches your potential client's attention. So, for the few minutes they are with you, they will eat, sleep and breath your brand (figuratively speaking!)   First, look at the space available and then work out how to maximise it.     2)    Get the right equipment for the show   Since every event and every lead is unique, think about how you can meet their needs. Who might be attending, and what competition will you have at the event? Tailor your event area to the event and your prospective customer. Think about why they are attending this event and what they expect.   Starting at the basics, how big is your space? Tables are almost essential, but your area doesn’t have to appear flat. Can you create a backdrop?   The smallest of areas can still have a massive impact! Backdrops, banners, posters or cut-outs are a great way to make your stand more 3D. Make sure you cover every angle.   Branded gazebos -  overhead structures are an excellent way to stand apart from the sea of tables. Create an experience for your audience in your microclimate. Customise your space to reflect your brand palette and values.   Printed banners – banners are an excellent way to give the effect of a microclimate without the space needed for a gazebo. Create the perfect custom backdrop for your space. Branded banners come in multiple sizes to suit your area and bring a branded atmosphere wherever they are placed. The key to any event area is to create an environment where clients feel like they are walking into your brand. Remember, banners can be placed on the front and sides of your tables.   Branded tablecloths – Think of your event space in 3D; it will be seen from every angle. So, every angle must represent you. Tablecloths are an easy and compact way to add branding and colour to your event space. A cohesive, well-branded space presents your audience with a confident, professional, and trustworthy appearance. One small tip – try and iron your tablecloth before events, especially if it wasn’t folded flat after the last event. There’s nothing worse than a crinkled tablecloth!   How do you plan on talking to your customers?   Tables and chairs Is your sales process quick? Are you about getting numbers, or is there more of a dialogue to be had? For the former, it is better to go for small, tall tables to be able to take notes. If you need to take your time, a sofa or comfortable chairs might be the way forward.   How are you showcasing your products? Do you need pedestals and display cabinets? Could these be branded? A brochure and display unit might be better for you if you sell a service rather than a physical product.     3)    Are your branded products relevant?   Promotional products play a key part of your brand visibility marketing. Promotional gifts are, on average, kept for a year. That’s 12 months of marketing! It is always a good feeling to see your customers walking around displaying your brand like a billboard at an event. The key to a successful branded promotional product is relevance. Is the product useful? Will your customers need it? Is it fun or quirky? Our top branded promotional products are: Pencils (they are a best seller for a reason) Notepads Tote bags Umbrellas Water bottles Chargers Mousemats And branded snacks.   4)    Deck your team out   You and your team represent your brand, so a cohesive branded wardrobe is a great way to establish your team from customers. Regarding branded clothing, images of brightly coloured cheap t-shirts with cheesy puns on the back might not be suitable for your brand but don’t fret! Branding apparel doesn’t need to be too bold. If the attire for your events is business/ business casual, you can keep it subtle and classy. You only need a few essentials to distinguish yourself whilst keeping your look clean and professional. But by all means, if it is relevant to your brand, go all out!   Whatever events you have planned for 2023, planning is critical. Let us know if the Acrobat team can help with your preparations.   Read More

Get a free £50 gift card is Christmas

After another year of ups and downs, we would like to take the opportunity to thank you, our wonderful customers. How does £30 sound? What about £50? Even better, it’s up to you how you spend it!   Christmas shopping can be stressful, and that’s just for family and friends. Throw in organising corporate and promotional gifts, and that’s an extra dimension. Arranging orders and getting them in time for December and sharing them with your customers before the big day. With all that work, you deserve to be recognised!   Why not treat yourself this Christmas with a free gift card on all purchases over £500?   Don’t miss out on our Christmas gift to you. Pick up a gift for yourself whilst you are ordering everyone else's. Take the time to treat yourself, your business or a loved one.   Whether you choose to update your wardrobe, spruce up your house, spend the night on the town or have a helping hand, this Christmas Acrobat and one4all gift cards have got you covered. Shop in-store or online at over 160 stores. Use your gift card to gift yourself the best Christmas yet.   How to get your free gift card?   Upgrade your 2022 Christmas with a free £30 voucher when you spend over £500 on a single order. Enhance your Christmas joy further and receive a free £50 gift card on all orders over £1000. This offer can be used against the purchase of any product on our website or catalogue. This offer is sitewide! Make this treat yours with our winter purchases.   The breakdown   FREE £30 one4all gift card on all orders over £500.   FREE £50 one4all gift card on all orders over £1000.   Get your orders in quickly. This offer is only available for a limited time.   Terms and Conditions    The purchase total does not include delivery or set-up costs. Your order must be placed before the 9th of December 2022. Your gift card will be dispatched up to 5 days after your purchase has been invoiced.   For more information about this deal or to place an order, please contact a member of our sales team, info@acrobatpromotions.com or 023 8086 9248. Read More

Why promotional material is an investment in brand & image

There is stiff competition to reach and be heard by your customers.  There are more adverts, social media, and noise than ever. The marketing world can feel swamped and over-saturated.   So how do you get your brand in front of your audience?   Promotional products are often seen at conferences and trade shows as giveaways. Gifting branded promotional products to prospective customers can increase brand awareness and customer relationships when used correctly. When else will you gain access to your customer's desk for 8 hours a day, five days a week?   Learn how promotional products are an investment in branding and how to add them to your current marketing strategy.   Strengthen Brand Image   Promotional products can be used as part of your marketing strategy to keep your brand in your customer's minds. Join me in an experiment to test it out for yourself. Look around your office and answer these questions:   ·      How many promotional items do you have? ·      How long have you had those items? ·      Have you talked to or thought about the brand that gifted you the product in the past 12 months? ·      What can you tell me about that brand? ·      Is your impression of the brand positive?   If you can answer all/most of the questions, brilliant news, their promotional product has done most of its job. Rewarding or gifting a quality branded product is an excellent way of creating an impression. The brands on your desk have added value to what could have been a forgettable experience. You probably can’t remember exactly what you were talking about when you met the brand, but you remember the brand name.   Taking the time to add value to your customer's purchase/service has proven benefits. 84% of people state that branded products have increased their brand awareness. Significantly, 66% of people who received promotional products can remember that brand for an average of 12 months. That’s 12 months of advertising for one product!    Affordable & Powerful   A common complaint from companies hesitating to invest in promotional products is cost. From an accounting perspective, spending money on products that will be given away might only make sense once you consider promotional products as a business card. A mini 3D billboard with all your business details on, positioned in front of your recipient all day.   Promotional products are kept longer than any other marketing tool. Nearly 87% of customers said they kept a promotional item for longer than a year.   When done right, branded merchandise can provide widespread, long-term exposure. The key is to know your audience and pick quality over quantity. Choose items that are relevant to your customers and will last at least a year.   Top tip: Relevance and novelty are always a winning combination. Choose items that will add value and joy to your customers' lives.   Access a valuable advertising space   Not many marketing tools can get your brand in front of your client for a prolonged period. Branded merchandise can be a great complement to your current marketing strategy. After all, your clients are your brand's ambassadors.   Promotional products are often viewed as their own standalone marketing tool. But like all marketing, it works better when integrated with multiple marketing channels. Smaller gifts can be sent in the mail as part of PR, and more significant gifts can be gifted at trade shows and meetings.   Branded merchandise can help create an emotional connection between your brand and your customer. This might explain why recipients still love receiving branded promotional products even in the digital age.   Are you looking to create some promotional products? Let's talk! Contact a member of our team today. Read More

Top 4 Corporate Thank You Gift ideas

There is something rewarding about saying thank you (and especially gratifying when you are receiving a thank you). Thank-you gifts are an essential part of any growing relationship. Acknowledging and reciprocating the help you have received is an important step to inspire, encourage motivation, or simply pay that good karma forward. Whether you are gifting to your employees, suppliers or customers, now is the time to express your gratitude and spread the love. After another year of working hard and adapting to every change in the ever-changing circumstances we find ourselves in, encouragement goes very far.    We are currently in the build-up to the gifting season, and now is the best time to make a lasting impression.   Stand out from the crowd   Customisable corporate thank you gifts are an excellent way to place your brand at the forefront of your recipients' minds.  With so much competition, it can feel like a constant battle to keep your brand ‘out there’ and in people's minds. Think back to the last time you were at an event or conference. There are hundreds of brands begging for your attention, but who do you remember?   I bet it was the brand with cool or quality gifts. Pens and highlighters are nice and useful, but a personalised luxury gift is far more memorable (and cooler). When it comes to standing out, we take the approach of appealing to your recipient's human nature.    When we think of above and beyond, we think of easy luxury. But don’t panic, easy luxury doesn’t have to break the bank.   When thinking of premium gifts, images of overpriced champagne coated in gold with extra sparkles might come to mind. Despite the connotation surrounding luxury, it doesn’t have to be extreme. To us, easy luxury represents something of quality that is ‘more than’. ‘More than’ something you would buy every day.   With that in mind, here are our 4 top corporate thank you gift ideas that will make your recipient smile.   Our top 4 corporate thank you gift ideas   1)    Hampers This may be an obvious start, but bear with us. One of the best things about receiving a hamper is diving in and discovering all the treats hidden within. Hampers are diverse, adaptable to your budget and easily personalised. Above all else, there is something for everyone.    We understand that gifting wine and food might not be appropriate for every gift. A traditional hamper might not fit with allergies, religious beliefs and personal journeys. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of hamper themes available. Some of our favourite alternative hamper ideas are spa-themed, sweets and treats, gardening and eco. Hampers fit any occasion and are easily customisable to suit the recipient.     2)    Board Games The board game industry has exploded over the past couple of years. It turns out the ever-popular board game is more than just fun; it can have amazing health benefits.   Mental health and how to provide daily mental health support for employees is a growing concern. Whether it is promoting switching off your office phone once the workday has finished or actually taking lunch and moving away from computers and desks. Board games promote ‘switching off. They boost critical thinking and skills in teamwork and communication.  If mental health is part of your or your recipient's ethos, board games are an excellent promotion of all-round well-being.   Promotional board games are very different from traditional corporate thank you gifts. Your clients will have plenty of promotional pens rolling around their desks, but they won’t have a promotional board game on their shelves. Traditional promotional products are often generic and destined to be thrown away after use. A promotional board game is a unique quality gift that, at the very minimum, is a conversation starter.     3)    Notebooks Notebooks are universal and are always in constant use. Used for note-taking, brainstorming, plotting, and general musings. Many traditional corporate gifts have a short life span. Notebooks are not only used regularly, but they are constantly with their owner. Help your brand stay on your customer’s minds by having them carry your branding around with them. (Just remember to add your contact details to the cover!).   Although notebooks may appear anonymous at first glance but in reality, they can be easy luxury. There is something about holding a sturdy hardback notebook coated with a customisable soft-touch cover with crisp, thick paper that just screams luxury.   4)    Drink and Glassware Drinkware is often high on everyone's corporate gifting ideas, and for good reason! It’s easy to customise and adaptable to your budget with many eco options. From coffee mugs to water bottles and thermal options, every occasion is covered.   Reusable containers have proven a popular eco alternative. So popular that some coffee shops will only serve takeaway coffee in a reusable container. Much like notebooks, your recipients will be carrying your branded drinkware around with them.   We offer customisable corporate drinks and glassware in a wide variety of materials. Anything from copper insulation, glass, stainless steel, and multiple eco materials options. Image your branded drinkware as being a little billboard. Get your message out there!   For more information on corporate promotional products, contact one of the Acrobat team today. To receive delivery before Christmas, you’ll need to place your order soon. We can advise you of lead times when you submit your enquiry. Read More

Welcome Jason!

Being a new member of a team can be a little intimidating. But our latest addition to the Acrobat team has immediately fitted in. Those who work in corporate gifting may well know him already so, without further ado, we are excited to introduce the newest member of the Acrobat team   *Drum Roll…*   Please say a massive hello to our new Business Development Manager, Jason Carter. Anyone in the promotion trade will most likely recognise Jason for his bubbly personality and years of hard work in the industry.   Jason has 8 years of experience in product promotion and corporate gifting. He has seen the expansion of amazing products available, from the humble pencil to luxury electrical gifts and all that’s in between. Rest assured that your promotional product needs are safe with Jason.   After working on and off alongside Jayne (our founder) for the last few years, Jason finally took the jump to join the Acrobat team. Looking for a change in pace and new challenges, he has fitted into his role like a seasoned member of the team.   “I have always enjoyed working with Jayne, and I needed a new challenge with a successful company. It felt like a natural fit. Of course, it helps that we’ve worked in partnership for many years, and I know the industry, but I’m delighted to be part of the Acrobat team.”   Jason’s role will be focused on account management. He will look after our key customers and make sure they know about all the latest deals and deadlines, ensuring they never miss a beat when it comes to promotional products and client gifting. Known for his approachable, enthusiastic personality, professionalism and industry experience, we are looking forward to introducing Jason to new and repeat customers.   Away from work, Jason loves to spend his time outdoors. Walking or jogging along the beach behind his house and getting away in his camper van. His kryptonite? His mum’s amazing Sunday roast. Where’s our invitation, Jason?   We’ve got a vast range of corporate gift ideas waiting for you. To get advice on products and ideas, contact Jason at jason@acrobatpromotions.com today.   Read More

Happy Browsing

Despite the rise of the digital age, we still prefer to hold a physical book. Yes, you can fit a million books on a kindle, but when it comes to paper, pixels don’t compare. That’s why we have continued with our comprehensive catalogue of best-selling and key products.  If you look carefully, you might spot our new friend.   We are excited to announce Acrobat’s new Excellent Executive Deal Finder, Bailey the Bat. However, his friends call him Batty Bailey.   As Acrobat’s mascot, he has the important job of highlighting the latest cool products and discounts. He is never far from a deal. Promote with personality   You will find plenty of new additions throughout our catalogue. As expected, there has been a massive influx within our drinkware section. We are now carrying extra lines and colours.     We have all felt the financial pressure from the rising cost of materials. That is why we have replaced our popular Tritan Sports Bottles with PET alternatives. Not only are they more cost-effective, but they are also easily recycled and better for the environment.   Let us take you on a journey of products waiting for your brand. Our catalogue comes with a FREE set of colouring pencils and a postcard this year. Inspired by our chosen charity, Mind, we are encouraging a year of mindfulness. Take some time out of your day to do some mindful colouring. Or pass it to your children to keep them occupied for 10 minutes. Both are acceptable mindful practices.   Mindfulness is an excellent way to wind down and release the tensions of the day. This is the time to focus on you.   This year at Acrobat, we have taken inspiration from Mind’s mindful exercises. Colouring is an easy exercise to bring your awareness into the present moment. It is easy to get bogged down in meetings and timeline stress. Do you hunch your back after a long day at the office? Trouble sleeping? Try taking some time to slow down and process things to bring you back into the present moment.   Colouring isn’t for you?   If colouring isn’t your cup of tea, why not share your catalogue with your children? The pandemic showed us that mental health doesn’t just affect adults. We would love to get your children involved in our year of mindfulness.   We have hidden Bailey on the cover of our catalogue for you (or your children) to find.  Bailey can fit into the tightest crevice; can they find all his hiding spots?     What is Mind?   Mind is a nationwide charity that believes no one should face mental health issues alone. They provide high-quality mental health services through their regional hubs.   Over the past two years, during the pandemic, the mental health services in this country have been pushed beyond their limits. We have all heard of the huge waiting lists filled with people desperately reaching out for help to combat greater loneliness and increased vulnerability. Mind provides our local communities with high-quality support through these difficult times.   Beyond the pandemic, whilst we have been helping each other back to normality, Mind has been essential to the mental health services offered. They have developed four support pillars to aid their ambitious growth. These pillars include an easy-to-use app with 24/7 access to well-being resources.   Ready for a year of good mental health? [H4]   We are ready to bring new ideas to de-stressing. Check out p110 to p123 in our latest brochure for our wide range of stress balls, colourful squisheys, and fidget toys. Not only do they evade stress, but they can also improve concentration. There are dozens of mental health-based products available for your branding, from hampers to personal care products and more. Order your Catalogue and get your hands on the best products to support your clients and increase your brand awareness.   Contact us on @info@acrobatpromotions.com to gain access to a world of promoting with personality.  Read More

Christmas Gifting

Are you one of those people who is already counting down until Christmas? Or are you more the type who avoids any mention of the C-word until December is well underway?   Even if you’re in the second camp and not a fan of preparing early for the festivities, when it comes to corporate Christmas gifting, you need to tune into it soon.   One of the most common mistakes people make with Christmas corporate gift orders is not leaving enough time. You need to factor in ordering your items, artwork approval times if you’ve opted for branded goods, delivery lead times, and delivery from your end to your customer.   Ideally, you want the items to arrive with your customer in mid-December, so they need to be with you in early December. Depending on the promotional item’s lead time, you need to get your orders in quickly.   What Christmas gifts should you go for?   With over 20 years of experience in corporate gifting and promotional items, we know what your clients would like to receive. Here are our top tips for corporate gifts that hit the mark and that you still have time to order in time for December.   1)    Advent Calendars There is still enough time to get an order for your branded Advent Calendar – but only just, so be quick! These are a brilliant way to keep your brand front of mind throughout December, and who doesn’t love opening the door every morning? Chocolate or sweets for breakfast is allowed in December!   2)    Prestige Presents – for your best (or favourite!) customers and those you want to push the boat out for, why not look at high-end gifts? Prestige corporate gifts could include executive pen sets, crystal paperweights, golf umbrellas, soft touch quality notebooks like Moleskine, or wireless phone chargers. Spending a little extra can create a lot of goodwill.   3)    Family Gifts – a thoughtful corporate Christmas gift that considers the recipient's family is always welcome. Receiving a gift that can be taken home and shared with children, a significant other, or even the family pet is always well-received. You could go for picnic bags, money boxes, games, dog treats or bandanas.   4)    Stockings and Christmas Decorations – why not keep it seasonal and go for a Christmas-themed item? You can opt for branded or unbranded, classic or quirky. There are myriad options, from baubles to stockings and even adorable cuddly reindeer.   5)    Festive or novelty squishy – we defy anyone to resist a squishy. These are the tactile stress-busting squeezy objects that many people keep on their desks. Your brand is front of mind; they’re a brilliant stocking filler, and who wouldn’t want a squishy Santa or snowman? If you can’t see the shape you want on our website, then let us know – you’d be surprised what we can find!     6)    Games – keep your customers entertained over the festive period with game-based gifts. Again, these are great to enjoy with the family, whether it’s a pack of cards, dominoes, frisbees, flying discs, or even fidget toys.   7)    Christmas Puddings – yes, you can indeed order Christmas Puddings as corporate gifts. Why not save your customer the trouble of choosing to splash out on a luxe Christmas pudding or opt for a supermarket special? Choose a luxury Christmas pud they can enjoy on the big day (remember to be mindful of food allergies, which are always outlined on the packaging).   8)    A Festive Tipple – always a winner over Christmas is a festive tipple. You can opt for wine as a firm favourite. These are available in branded gift bags or boxes for that extra touch of class. Or you could be a little more extravagant and choose port, whisky or even gin! With many craft gin distilleries around, talk to us about your options for festive beverage gifts.   9)    Hampers – Is Christmas really Christmas without a hamper? One of the best things about Hampers is diving in and discovering all the treats inside. They never fail to surprise and delight customers, and they are always well received at this time of year.   10) Winter gifts – if you would rather opt for a seasonal gift over something Christmassy, particularly if you have multi-faith customers, why not go for a winter-themed gift? Gloves, bobble or beanie hats, fleeces, blankets, flasks and thermal travel cups are perfect corporate gifts for this time of year.   We’ve got a vast range of corporate gifts ideal for winter and Christmas. You’ll need to place your order soon, ready for Christmas delivery. We can advise you of lead times when you enquire; contact one of the Acrobat team today. Read More